Customer of the Week – Erin

Pound’s Customer of the Week is a weekly blog post featuring Pound the Hill’s customers. Here you will find what each customer enjoys most about Pound the Hill, their favorite dishes and drinks, and a haiku.

A sweet person and passionate typer, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erin, a regular customer for 2 years now. We grabbed our respective coffee drinks and the following conversation was had, please enjoy it in all it’s glory!


When did you start coming to pound?

I would say about 6 months after you guys opened. So this is just a guess, I’d say about 2 years ago.

Ya March will be our 3 year anniversary.

Ok so probably September of that same year, which would’ve been 2011.

Do you like it?

I love it. As you can tell.

Because you are staying.


Do you live in the area?

I do. I like on Pennsylvania Ave.

Do you do your work here?

I do. I used to come almost every morning. My rhythms have changed but I still come on the weekends. I tend to do my emails, visit websites, and do various work items.

And Passionately type away.

Yes.With gusto.

With vigor.



No. You are not the only one to have noticed.

No. We like it. It creates an atmosphere.

It adds to the beat background to the music,  the percussion.

On this day. So what is your favorite drink?

My only drink is a straight up latte. Large. No extra shots. No Flavors.

Just a pure and simple latte.

I used to, I confused everybody because I used to be 2% milk and I think I even did half caf. Now it’s full on sinful.

It’s nothing complicated.

I think it’s Antajuan who told me that lattes taste a lot better with whole milk.

They do.

And sure enough he’s right. So that’s what I do.

Tell me about your favorite spot. I know it is the tall table next to the condiment station.

You’ve noticed?


I can’t tell you why but I just like high tops. I just love high tops. I have no clue why. When I walk into Pound and the high top is taken it is always a bit of a bummer. I midigate for that by getting in as early as possible. I’m an early riser.

You are a morning person. But that’s okay, you are in good company. I’m a morning person, personally.

You, I’ve noticed, have energy and verve in the morning as I think I do. And I respect that.

Thank you. I respect it as well.

How do you like that word “verve?”

I like it.

I just came up with that.

I liked where you were going with that. I thought you were going to say vigor or something. And for some reason my mind went to vinegar and I thought this is turning sour but you kept going and it was positive. So, what do you do?

I am a consultant for independent schools. I assist with a variety of schools and universities in globalizing curriculum. We endeavor to step it up a notch with regard to student and faculty knowledge of world events and trends. We try to get folks critically thinking about global issues.

That’s awesome

Thank you.

How did you get into that?

Well you know we started back in ’95. Sending groups of students to what was then a brand new South Africa. Then by the turn of the century, the turn of the decade, we started working on other countries as well. And now we don’t simply send folks over seas but actually go into the campus and do some work. How did I get into that? I lived in southern Africa in the middle of the 90s. My business partner is from the region and we had this idea and we started it.

So you are a faithful cafe customer.


Do you ever come at night?

I have never come at night.

Alright. That’s fine. (Voice trails off)

And not for any good reason. I would love to. You know how your head works?


Well my head is wired to come to Pound the Hill in the mornings. Well my wife and I oughta come. My wife has come to Pound with me a handful of times, maybe half dozen, 6 or 8. And I’ve come about a billion times. So I should get her here for dinner. Don’t you think?

I do. 

I love your food. I’m not a big muffin fan, just in general. But I absolutely adore your orange infused french toast. On occasion maybe twice a month, I think I might do that this morning. Maybe have some bacon on the side.

So tell me about the most interesting place you have gone after getting your coffee here.

Well, just a recent thought, I always try to build Pound into my mornings of course. I remember a recent morning, my wife’s birthday is in December and we needed to be in National Harbor to celebrate her birthday. We went down there for a little stay-cation. So I remember how rushed it was for me being here but I still snuck it in. It was fun.

I like that you still had to get this in. Just a moment of regularness in your irregular stay-cation. 

It’s just my routine.

I understand that, you are speaking to the choir.

Also just getting with you and your colleagues and having fun little conversations. It’s basically my time to wall off and be in my own space which I love.

Get the tunnel vision going.


If your coffee drink were a book, what book would it be?

So this is the psychobabble part of the conversation?

Yes, yes it is. No it’s just for fun.

I was thinking Smilla’s Sense of Snow. Can that be my answer?

Ya if you want it to be.

I’ve never actually read the book. I think it takes place mostly in Greenland. I think it makes many references to the many wonders of snow. I learned, I don’t know that it’s in that book. I think it’s one of the Inuit’s languages there are 50 different words for snow, snow concepts.

I like it because there are many ways you can have your coffee here. Every person has a different sense of coffee. You are welcome Ferge, you are welcome. Do you have have a favorite special or deal?

I love your loyalty program. I have 1,914 points at the moment.

You are well over half way to the happy hour open bar.

Oh I’m 75% almost.

Just keep going. You are going to have a special day soon.

My friend helps me out.

Alright this is the end of it, I need you to write a haiku about Pound:

Daniel knowing my

phone number, feels warm and toasty

I love the brick, vibe.


Italian Flatbread – Lunch Special starting December 17th!

photo (5) Ever bite into a piece of warm bread and feel at home? Ever find your brain thanking you for the carbohydrates that will fuel these last few days of work before the long weekend?

This lunch special will fuel your brain and warm your stomach. Not only will you be biting into some warm chewy flatbread but you will find the enjoyment of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. If that does not get your mouth watering the combination of basil, fresh pepper, and house made rosemary infused olive oil will make your mouth happy.

On the side you will find a small mesclun salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette to finish off the boldness of this special. Grab one of Pound’s fresh made iced teas like the Honey Pear Iced Tea to round out a lovely lunch hour.


Customer of the Week – Annie H.

Pound’s Customer of the Week is a weekly blog post featuring Pound the Hill’s customers. Here you will find what each customer enjoys most about Pound the Hill, their favorite dishes and drinks, and a haiku.

AnnieHIf you enjoy laughing then spend the afternoon with Annie H! She is bubbly and bright as she is smart and passionate. Certainly anyone could draw a parallel from a child’s laughter to Annie’s joy but her joy seems to originate from the inside and never is it a mime. Annie is a regular at our Cafe hours and our Bistro hours. From time to time she will hold events on our back patio, where she shares what she calls, “the perfect time.”

Annie joined me for a Sunday afternoon where I grilled her about her love of Pound the Hill over warm drinks while it snowed outside:

Do you remember your first time at Pound? No but it was coming in for coffee. I definitely wandered in here when you guys opened a couple months after I moved here. I thought, “Oh! There’s a local place! I’m gonna go to my local place.” And then I never left.

Do you live in the area? YES!

You don’t work in the area but you used to do your work in Pound… I DID! Yes I had taken a month off of work and was camped out here a lot. When the internet went off I would go home and then come back for a glass of wine.

You’ve hosted events at Pound, why do you choose Pound? So the first time I was trying to think of a place that I liked, that was close to home, and that had really affordable things for all my friends. So at the last minute I didn’t think I’d celebrate my birthday and a close friend ended up throwing me a birthday party and said, “You choose exactly where you want to go.”
So we came here. It was extraordinary. Joseph was the king of making everyone feel so HaikuAnnieHcomfortable. We only had the little area in the front. My friend was a party planner she brought haikubes and everyone was invited to write a haiku about me. Even Joseph and the rest of the staff did it! Everyone had a great time and they were so kind.
Everyone had so much fun I decided to do it here again. This time we took up the back patio and it was lovely!

 Tell me about the most interesting place you have gone after getting your morning Pound Coffee? The Pride Parade! I came in for my coffee and then headed out. I am part of the gay/lesbian rowing crew and I’m the token straight girl. It’s fantastic. They built a huge rowing boat for the parade. They rowed down the street and there were even people in leather. They looked hot!

HAHAHA! That’s excellent! Tell us more about you, what is your job? I work for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, or PCORI for short. Our function is to help people make informed healthcare decisions through research we fund. The cool thing about our organization is that our research is vetted and guided by patients, caregivers and the broader healthcare community; not only traditional researchers. We are here to make research relevant and usable for everyone, including patients. I am the social media lead. I’ve been in the social media world for 10 years and at PCORI for one.

What are your hobbies? I am coming back from a 15 year hiatus and getting back into crew. I also enjoy adorable squees. I am the co-creator of

If your Pound coffee were a movie what movie would it be? If my Pound experience were a movie I would say The Red Violin, because it is so diverse. As for my drink, probably It’s a Wonderful Life.

How fitting! Do you have a favorite food? It used to be the Spinach Linguini but on the new menu probably, THE SLIDERS!

 Favorite Drink? Caramel Latte or the Caramel Al Pacino, if it’s hot outside.

 Favorite Spot? The leather chairs upfront!

Favorite Special? HAPPY HOUR! If I am inviting friends to come hang out with me at Pound I tell them to get to Pound at 5:30p so we can enjoy happy hour the whole time. Of course tater tots will happen at some point.

Favorite day to stop by? Friday!

Write a Haiku about Pound:
home away from home and
a place to bring my friends sweet
generous staff too

Chef Ray’s Brand New Winter Menu!

If you haven’t been in to the Bistro in a while, now is the perfect time to come in and try our all new dinner menu! Chef Ray has taken the reins and put his own spin on our own special brand of contemporary American comfort food.

New small plates include pumpkin ravioli, sausage and apples, black angus sliders, Eastern Market cheese board and fried mac’n’cheese!

New big plates include the black angus bistro burger with sweet potato fries, Autumn pork chops, Southwest fish tacos, Thai red curry mussels, baby back ribs or our unique vegan pan seared Old Bay tofu dish!

See the full menu here!

Pound N’ Paws Sunday Funday!

There are few things the folks at Pound The Hill love more than great coffee, food, wine and beer…but one of them is definitely dogs!

Pound N’ Paws Sunday Funday – Benefiting Homeward Trails

When: Every Sunday 5pm – 9pm on the front and back patio

10% of the evenings sales go directly to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (HT). HT rescues an average of 1,600 homeless dogs and cats annually and provides them with medical and behavioral care, foster and adoptive homes. Check them out at:

Bring your favorite furry friend and relax on one of our patios while enjoying a selection of $5 glasses of Wine, $4 Beers and discounted small plates!

Max, Pound's Adopted Love!

Max, Pound’s Adopted Love!

Want to be sure you and your best friend are guaranteed a place to pause for a good cause?
Make a reservation now and mention Pound N’ Paws so we know to have a water bowl waiting on the back patio!

The Best Dinner on the Hill You’ve Never Had (and free dessert!)

Reserve for dinner  and include “dessert me” in the notes/request and you’ll receive one free complimentary dessert per reservation on us. You can choose from any of our mouth watering daily desserts! Hurry, hurry! (Not valid with other offers or promotions…but read below to get excited…)

“Everything about our experience was perfect.” Joe L, 5 Star Yelp Review
“The food, wine and service were heavenly!” Diana T, 5 Star Yelp Review
“…one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time. There aren’t enough good things to say about this place.” Amy B, 5 Star Yelp Review
“Great meal – we enjoyed a fantastic meal – a Phil the sommelier was fantastic in paring wines with meals.” John S, 5 Star Yelp Review
“Yum yum yum! We went here for dinner and couldn’t get enough.” Tara W, 5 Star Yelp Review

DC’s Best Premium Coffee and Tea

By Samer Farha

Pound doesn’t settle. Coffee, tea or food, nothing gets served unless it’s the best possible product we can put out. That’s why Pound is proud to be to serve PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., the 2009 Macro Roaster of the Year (i.e. it doesn’t get any better than this). Like tea? You will love our collection of gourmet Mighty Leaf teas.
Are you a fan of unique, handcrafted drinks? Second only to our pride in quality is our creative passion. Pound has created several unique, specialty drinks that you will only find here. Our Nutella latte (pictured) is a MUST have. As the weather warms up, our fruit smoothies and frozen blended drinks really hit the spot!
Did I mention we have perfected the Nutella latte? Only at Pound.